Larissa Brown

epic love stories that cross time

Lose yourself in sweeping loves stories that will transport you from a bleak future to 10th century Viking Iceland, a land of rugged beauty and ax-hewn justice. Beautiful Wreck and So Wild A Dream are set in a fictional Viking “White Woods” world.

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my story

My passion is writing sweeping love stories that toss my heroines through time. I also write deliciously creepy short works that blur reality.

In 2011, I wrote my first novel, the lyrical Viking love story Beautiful Wreck. I spent over a year trying, and mostly failing at, Viking Age crafts like knife throwing and naalbinding, to make the book feel absolutely real.

Shannon at Cooperative Press loved the book and poured her heart and soul into publishing it. The book was named a best book of the year by All About Romance, and it was a Powell’s Books Staff Top 5 pick. It is available as an audio book and in German under the title Feuer & Wind.

Since then, I’ve published a companion novel, So Wild A Dream, and a horror novella, Tress, as well as a few short stories and essays. I publish my books under the name White Woods Press.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and write in my garrett.

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