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knit designs

Grab some yarn and cast on designs based on natural forms – wildflowers, leaves, lichens, urchins, and the movements of moons, star clusters, and human-made satellites. See more about 100+ designs.

viking novels

Lose yourself in stories that cross time, from a bleak future to 10th century Iceland, a land of rugged beauty and ax-hewn justice. Beautiful Wreck and So Wild A Dream are set in a fictional Viking “White Woods” world. Learn more about the books and get all the links!

writing on the crafting life

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my story

I’ve been a knitter and writer since I was a little kid. My grandmother taught me to knit on her chenille couch in 1970s New Jersey. Since then, I’ve brought together thousands of knitters through knitalongs, the Indie Designer Gift-A-Long, books and essays about the crafting life, and 100+ knitting designs.

In 2011, I challenged myself to write a novel, and today I’m the author of sweeping love stories that cross time, from a bleak future to 10th century Viking Iceland. I also write deliciously creepy tales that blur reality, with a dose of fated love.

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