Larissa Brown
Office Art

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The world was full of stupid and arbitrary rules, that was obvious.

(read more of the short story Quiet by Martin John Brown, in which the heroine lives at the office).

paper & ink works

My paper sculptures bring a sense of child-like wonder to corporate workplace materials.  In many, I create seemingly-organic shapes out of thousands of furry strings from envelope clasps and papery moth-like wings of carbon paper.  In others, I create recognizable objects like quilts and sweaters, but made from things like day planner pages and typewriter ribbon. Through these sculptures, I try to make visible the complex system of order that underlies work. And the tension between what we intend, and what we do.

wire works

"...Larissa Brown has taken the appointments of the business office--staplers, telephones, pencils, a typewriter--and shot them through with tacks and sharp wires. The objects explode in a spiky commentary on the rage beneath the veneer of corporate propriety."  -- Richard Speer, Willamette Week 

public art/installations

In my installations and public works, I try to express the same themes about work, duty, and repetition. Depending on the site or event, each installation expresses this in a very different way and through very different materials.  But each installation has at its core the effect of multiples of common objects--be they brooms, beer cans, or interoffice envelopes.

small-scale commissions