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sick on candy

Right now I'm suffering from too much of a good thing, as I'm knitting sweat-shop style for an art show I have opening in one week. I am alternately pining away at my WIPs and new ideas, while hating picking up the needles. At the moment, I'm knitting an edition of 9 identical hats with cattle tags in them that I call "meatheads" (swatch below). BORING and HARD on the wrists are my constant companions, as are my collection of awful sci-fi books on tape including several Star Trek "novels". Once the meatheads are done I have a pillow embedded with hundreds of pencil erasers to finish (also shown below, my Dremel tool that M gave me, which I used to drill tiny holes in 313 erasers).

After the show opens - and after I knit my samples for submissions to knitty and SnBII - I can get back to my fun knitting! In the meantime, I am racking up new ideas too fast. I want to knit the Gibson Girl pullover and Stripes Go Round from the new IK, and I want to knit this gorgeous tank in graduating colors of Koigu.

Someday. When these f'ing hats are finished.


in the queue

I was reorganizing the billion (well, 76) movies in our netflix queue yesterday and thought it would be a fun blog thing to list the first 5.

1. The Sopranos, end of Season 3
2. Network
3. Hardihood
4. Blue
5. About Schmidt

(Wow, if I'd actually set a rule to go to #6, you'd see that M & I have actually requested this. )

Then I thought it would be a lot MORE fun to list this. Here's my knitting queue.

Lorna's Laces Angel and K1C2 Tartelette for a secret project (shhhh!), Katia Bufalo (the sacred yarn, for what I don't know), Araucania Nature Cotton for my Summer Couch sweater, Fantasy Naturale and Crystal Palace Squiggle probably for a summer shrug, and a huge cloud of Peaches & Cream colored mohair from Danette Taylor Designs for Grace.


spring flings and ample body parts

The bombay sapphire cami is finished and is very beautiful. But god -- how can I say this in a positive way, so my friend Kim won't chastise me -- what an inspiring challenge my body will be this spring as I apply myself to the evil machine of ww and fitness!

So as not to scare anyone, I'll keep the following photos hidden unless you dare to click. And in any case I'll keep them small. But the challenge involves these legs and these elbows. Yikes.

In other news -- the stash, how she's grown.


brought to you by

The Araucania Nature Cotton Along is a barrel of monkeys, baby.

For example, Steph had a great time winding her yarn the other night. Eklectika is racing along on her hoodie in the most beautiful deep blue, and there's Missa's sweet spring design that I want to copy as soon as my next shipment of Nature Cotton arrives.

I started Summer Couch yesterday, after making many mathematical adjustments to otis. No pictures yet, because I may be ripping all I did. But the stuff is fun, fast, and soft.

Yes, I did order more.

They would be pleased.



Squeek and I worked on finishing in the sun, and came up with a bombay sapphire cami (woo hoo), but the straps are a bit too long and I'm going to redo before showing it as 100% complete.

In the meantime, here's a non-seasonal yet finished object -- Martin's heavy socks.


we play little boys and girls

When I was about 6 years old, I had an EZ Bake Oven. I loved that damn thing. I made many a little round cake that my sainted parents were happy to eat. But the best thing I ever did with that oven was ram it into the door of my room and wedge it there, to keep out my best friend's big brother and his friend Randy. There's something divine and poetic about me and Lynn holding the boys at bay with our oven.

In keeping with the '80s lyrics thing, I'm going with some Tears for Fears as my title today. This weekend my friend Kim and I played house. We made a casserole, just like when we were little, and made our husbands eat it. (My husband said it "had a stink," but everyone else thought it was good). Then we made clothes with our hands. Kim's Remarkably Expensive Shawl, my bombay sapphire cami.

Kim's shawl features some gorgeous straw/gold Donegal Tweed and Magenta Gatsby. Wow.

And today the postman came with some yarn from Peggy in Canada. It is so beautiful!

The color--Palm--is the one I wanted and that elann was out of. I believe I am going to start my b&b pullover over in this color. It's a lot of work down the drain; I'm thinking of taking the cookie dough colored start and cutting it in half to make into arm warmers.

ruby, salmon, lime

That's what is left. No, I don't work for elann, I just want some company on the cotton-along. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that. So: Go for it! Or I might have to buy more. This stuff is so-oft. Check out Missa's and Erica's soft limes. Mmmm. They kind of go well with my gin & tonic cami.


go on, everybody's doing it

Well, a few people are doing it so far. Knitting something, anything, in araucania nature cotton. The cool people include Erica (making a Phildar cardi), Amy (making a banff-style cardie, but with slimmer silhouette, in lilac), and Larissa (making otis in tobacco, which I'm affectionately retitling Summer Couch '73).

Anyone else?

Please copy the button and comment or email me to join! I'm off to recruit.



spring fling update: now that the sun is out the bombay sapphire cami is photographing right, looking more like its namesake.

now if I hadn't spilled a glass of wine into my laptop last night I'd be able to see this properly myself. duh.

PS: Is anyone interested in an Araucania Nature Cotton Along? Tomorrow I'll post a button and get something set up if I have any takers!


we belong to the night, we belong to the thunder *

What is this?

Why it's a butt ugly picture of some ravishing yarn.

Because it's night, and because I can't wait for daylight, we have here a very bad representation of my spring fling materials. Clockwise from the top: "code pink" cotton fluff called squiggle from crystal palace to go with more candy colored stuff called fantasy naturale in an as yet unknown format; a blue blob of big net to try with the bonbon pattern; the bombay sapphire cami up to its waist in classic elite imagine "blue note;" and araucania nature cotton in "tobacco" for otis.

As I did with the honeymoon/bombay sapphire cami, I'm renaming otis. This yarn...

...looks so much like an old sofa at my grandmother's shore house, I think I'll call this sweater "summer couch '73"

* Thanks to Erica for the Pat Benatar memories. She was my favorite, man. I used to sit in my closet with the door slid shut and belt out her songs. How excrutiating.


crystal blue convergence

It was a hot day and I wanted to use some languid blue yarn. The kind with silver in it, and cool rayon bits that resemble ice cubes in a crystal clear bombay sapphire g&t. It was one of those knitting moments where I just opened the liquor/yarn cabinet, pulled the blue stuff out of the stash, went to knitty and the very first pattern I opened was spot on for gauge, texture, and yardage. 6 skeins of Classic Elite Imagine in Blue Note, a dull name if ever there was one for a stunner of a yarn.

I started before I even knew what I was doing. How far did I get? Far. But my camera batteries gave out this morning. So I give you an old shot of the yarn that I tried to pretty up with Photoshop.

And here's how it looks when I "pixelated" it.

So I've given in. I'm spring flinging with Alison's knitalong. I'm calling it the bombay sapphire cami, though the designer calls it honeymoon. I'd like to wear this for my art opening on May 6th, with a matching drink, we'll see...

And how cool, midnight knitter made me a button for my site! I love it, like I love my hot pink magnet of a heart. Thanks!


bonbon & clou

I've had a few inquiries about where to get the yarn for the bonbon pattern in knitty.

The yarn is Gedifra Clou, a very thick ribbon yarn made of nylon. There are a few single skeins and 2-skein lots for sale on ebay right now. Also, several German online sources seem to have it, but I don't read German and don't know about ordering from them.

Another option I've been meaning to try is Big Net. It seems it might be more droopy, and might need to be worked on smaller needles for stiffness, but would make a more elegant puff that would suds up nicely. Please let me know if you have any Big Net around and decide to give it a try before I do! Finally, you can knit it with strips of tulle cut from pieces from the fabric shop (I read this idea on a craft bulletin board, and I'm sorry I don't remember who posted it).



Pretty black double seeds - I'm half done with the kyoto sash. The double seed stitch is doubled vertically but not horizontally, which I really like about it. It makes a long-looking stitch. It's nice. It's going so much faster than the stockinette parts, and since I'm remarkably short-waisted I'm going to make it just 5 inches long, so it's halfway there already. It's sweet to be able to take my knitting photos in the sun.


clearing a couple things out

Not much, but if you like Uros there's some to be had
sublimes in spring

My friend Kim and I have been talking about "the sacred yarn." The yarn we have in our stashes for which it seems no project is good enough. No pattern will do justice to its loveliness. Every idea we have for it seems like it will lead to regret. The yarn is so good by itself, just sitting there, why screw it up?

Today I did the unthinkable and knitted with two such yarns. I made two little swatches, very small ones indeed so as not to waste the sacred yarn. And I have two ideas, unformed maybes, perhaps good enough for these gorgeous materials.

On the left we have Katia Bufalo in Charcoal Brown swatched on size 7 needles, which could, COULD, be destined for the Kate Along. It's so soft and springy and charcoaly yet brown. On the right Elann's Peruvian Collection Uros in Capri Blue swatched on size 10s, a fuzzy cloud of wonder. For this I'm thinking of designing a very loose, flowy sweater along the lines of Rock Chick's Laurel Canyon shawl. Sort of Laurel Canyon: The Wrap Sweater, with the body in Capri Blue and accents in Silver Sage.

Just maybe.


these are the people in my neighborhood

While knitting this kyoto sleeve...

...on the bus I overheard the usual Knitting In Public comments, like What are you making? I'm a knitter too. I'm making a vest (ick, why does that word skeeve me out so? VEST. Ick.) An astute girl, about 3 years old, whispered to her mom, "She is knitting." OK, these were normal sort of nice comments. But get this one:

A young woman sitting next to me said, so articulately,

"Is that one of them kits you get at the mall?"

I'm thinking many things at this point. Like, do you have any idea how much I spent on this Colinette Giotto? Are you a moron? Have I been to the mall in 18 months?

Oooh, they sell yarn at the mall?


shimmering in a halo of antiquity

That's how Colinette describes this yarn. The first time I used it, it was more like awash on a sea of wet toilet paper, with all the gapes and holes and double drop stitches they recommend in all their patterns. The sweater grew to enormous proportions, and I frogged a whole bunch of it during Alison's rip-along.

This time I'm using it on much smaller needles and together with some cotton classic to keep it from growing like a pair of circa 1989 stretch pants. And I'm pleased to say it's breathtaking. I'm even more pleased to say it represents the end of the boring back of kyoto, and the beginning of the first sleeve. Thank *'ing God.

Can you tell which piece of this sweater I'm enjoying more?


glittery sugar bomb

I am so happy, finally a sweater I like, a sweater M likes, a sweater that fits and is a good color. Hot damn. How can I tell M likes it? He said today that it was "more convincing" than my other knitted works, and he took all these photos of me which he's never done before. (yes, that's STILL Christmas decoration festooning my living room).

Oh, and there's how much yarn I had left, on the arm of the chair. It was damn close. Closer than I like. I am relieved and pleased that there was any left at all. For the last two hours of knitting, I was swinging wildly between believing I had way too much yarn left and knowing that I would have to frog and get rid of my giant, beloved bell sleeves. Neither happened. Yay!

And another wonderful thing, Friend Kim--the one with the Remarkably Expensive Shawl Project--brought me this completely wonderful unexpected gift today--a giant, truly tremendous, beachy summery bag. Shown next to it, with her also-striped-but-smaller bag, is the humble beginning of the Remarkably Expensive Shawl.

Beyond all this goodness, I got to meet Mariko this week, while she was in Portland. We went to Stumptown together for some luscious coffee, and I got to see one of her awesome little bags in person. It was so fun to, as she put it, "get the whole version of a person."

I am also DONE DONE DONE with the dentist, 10 of 10 cavities filled. Let the spring begin.


spring knitty

Hey, I thought we'd have to wait a couple more weeks for this, but here it is!
And along with it my first published pattern.

It's so goofy, but I'm so proud. :-) Anybody want a skein of Clou to make a bonbon? I have an extra. Let me know in the comments below and I'll send it to the first one who actually wants to make one of these suckers.

And now I want to knit grace right away too, even though I still haven't made headway on Karen's last knitty design--kyoto. Maybe grace in my extra uros... Or something else wonderful...


my hot pink magnet of a heart

The pins are so much more friendly now that they're stuck to this heart, rather than rolling around dangerously in the bottom of a junk bowl in my knitting/booze cabinet. I was even happy to do all this blocking on the zelda cardi. I love the bell sleeves I adapted (at left), though they look long long long.

Now if only it would fit me right. I tried on Kim's same cardi in large and it fit me. I got gauge. I made a large. I blocked it just right. It's too small around my front. What gives? I'm going to have to spray down the front and stretch it a bit more. And I still have a row of single crochet to add to the edges, which may give just the extra width I need.

While blocking this I realized I have very few pins. I found myself carefully pinning a piece, then later going back and stealing pins to less-carefully finish another piece. Every piece sank to the lowest common denominator. In the end it all blocked fine, but while I was at an antique shop looking for a button I picked this up for $1. Now I'm ready for any sweater, even one with five separate pieces and sleeves the length of Jersey.

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